Brock Irwin

Brock Irwin was born in Toronto in the suburb of Don Mills. As far back as he can remember drawing and painting were a part of his life. For over 30 years Brock Irwin has been painting full time. As a young artist he was known for the hyper-realism of his work. His paintings are now a blend of abstract and representational subjects. His intimate understanding of color and passion for the richness of oil paint is reflected in every canvas. During the last 25 years he has worked closely with art dealers, designers and for 15 years with stagers. As a result his work is proudly displayed in over 70 corporate collections and more than 400 private collections.

He lives in Toronto’s beaches community with his 2 boys.

Artist Statement

I believe painting is the highest form of visual experience we can have for a still subject. Like a movie is the greatest moving image, and books are wonderful at triggering in us the best parts of our imagination, painting continues to show its force when we are confronted by its power and beauty visually. All my paintings try to have that common approach when I paint, whether a minimalist abstract or a highly detailed realistic scene, each are attempts at reaching that highest of aesthetic.

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