Sorting Artwork

Method 1:

Go to Artworks > All Artworks and click on the ‘Sorting’ tab. The resulting page will display a list of your artworks. To change the order, just hover over the product, drag it to your desired location and drop it.

That’s it. Your products will now be displayed according to this positioning.


Method 2:

Go to Artworks > All Artworks.

Hover over a product and click ‘Edit’.

In the editing screen, scroll down to find the ‘Product Data’ section. Click the ‘Advanced’ tab and you will find an option titled ‘Menu Order’. You can set the position of this product in this field.

Sorting Categories

Enable the Sorting Mode, then select the Category in the dropdown and click on the “Filter” button to activate it.

Drag and drop rows as usual to change the order inside the specific category.